Is Athena.Edu a credible/recognized teaching center?

Athena Education is awarded recognition/accreditation through Qualifi, a UK awarding organization which is overseen by Ofqual, a division of the British government. Qualifi recognized teaching centers provide learners with high quality academic content that helps them realize their full potential. These students become highly trained, skilled, and productive employees in the workforce. Qualifi is a UK regulated Awarding Organization that has an international scope, rigorous assessment standards, and maintains the highest levels of quality and credibility in order to develop learners into highly productive members of society and the global economy.

How does Athena.Edu teach classes to students?

Athena.Edu provides a class schedule, course work, assignment workbook, and access to KlasPad which is the online classroom environment where students interact, conduct work, discuss and carry out their academic endeavors. KlasPad has cutting edge features that promote intuitive, engaging, and, professional dialog between learners to help them understand the subject material they have chosen for their professional careers.

What do I need to take classes through Athena.Edu?

All you need is a device of your choosing to complete the online classes/coursework. A personal computer, laptop, tablet or applicable smart phone will provide you the tools that you need to achieve levels 4, 5, 7, and 8 certificate or diplomas. Athena.Edu along with KlasPad makes it easy for you to achieve your educational goals.

Is there a schedule for the course work?

The instructors at Athena.Edu assign workbooks for each of the core programs. These workbooks are completed at your discretion before the end of the scheduled term for that program. You are free to complete the workbooks at your leisure and call upon fellow students for feedback and input. Internal discussion between students promotes a learning environment and allows conducive engagement that promotes learning and understanding of core principles.

What is Athena.Edu?

Athena Education is an online teaching center for international students that seek to achieve their educational goals but are limited by their locations. Athena Education provides an online portal which gives students abroad access to education that is valuable, credible, current, and meets industry standards. Athena Education provides ways for learners to start their quest for academic success and support them on their journey.

Does Athena.Edu have a mission statement?

Athena Education is committed to preparing students for a life of continual learning, adaptability, and individual fulfillment. Athena advisors will work with students to share responsibility for developing educational plans compatible with their career aspirations. It is our desire to empower students to take charge of their educational careers through a collaborative mentoring relationship between advisor and student. It is our belief that Athena Education is a critical component to the educational experience. Through academic advising, we seek to empower students to develop and implement sound educational plans that are consistent with their personal values and inline with their life goals. Our purpose is to guide students to become self-directed learners and decision makers where they live to help enrich society and their local communities.

Is Athena Education a college?

Athena Education is an online teacing center that is an alternative to a traditional classroom environment. Classes are posted in an online classroom and students/Athena staff interact to discuss and disect the subject matter of the class.

How many students can I expect in class with me?

Depending on the course offering students could expect to see as little as 12 in class, or as many as 50. We will adjust the class roster as needed to ensure a effective learning environment.

What is your administrative hierarchy?

Athena Education is currently directed under the expert leadership of Dr. William Painter who has extensive leadership in higher education. Jeremy Beery is The Academic Director of Health & Social Care. Dr. James Prabhakar is the Academic Director of Business Management.

Do you assist with job placement upon academic completion?

Athena Education advisors will be happy to help guide students through numerous resources to help them acquire a desired career. There are numerous resources available to Athena alumni that can be beneficial to assisting with job placement.

Does Athena accept transfer credits/previous academic experience?

Athena will accept credit transfers (exceptions) from qualified and accredited educational institutions. Please contact us below for more information about how your academic credentials can transfer.


Does Athena offer any academic scholarships?

Athena does not currently offer academic scholarships. Athena Education currently offers tuition expenses that are very reasonably priced so as to provide a low cost alternative to traditional classroom colleges and universities. Our desire is to provide low cost education to as many students as we can reach.

What are the costs or fees for taking classes at Athena?

Our courses in Business and Health and Social Care cost $1000 per year for Levels 4 and 5 in both subjects. If you are entering with a Saylor Academy diploma from Qualifi at Level 3 and 4, Athena Education will charge $700 per year for the Level 5 Diplomas in Business and Health and Social Care because of our partnership with Saylor Academy, Qualifi, and City Vision University. See our Fee Schedule for more information.

Does Athena have an online course catalog?

Our qualifications (courses) are provided by Qualifi, our awarding organization in the United Kingdom. The qualifications offered by Qualifi can be found on their website. Our program offerings also have a class breakdown per qualification which are listed for Health & Social Care as well as Business Management on our site. These are premier career pathways the world over. These qualifications are the perfect way to demonstrate learning accomplishments and skills for career growth. They are credible, accessible and recognized throughout the world.

How can I obtain a degree through Athena?

Athena Education does not issue degrees. We issue Diplomas in Business and Health and Social Care which are accredited by Qualifi International. We create pathways to degree programs from City Vision University, an accredited US university.

How long has Athena been in existence? How much experience does the faculty have

Athena Education has been in business since 1996. Our teaching staff have decades of experience in education of all sorts: online, on-campus, or in blended delivery models. We pride ourselves on our ability to teach you where you are, not where we are.

Does Athena accept international or domestic students?

Athena Education is an international institution and accepts students from any country. There are no special fees associated with your country, just one fee for everyone. Our mission is to provide quality global education for everyone who desires it.

Does Athena have any disability academic assistance for students?

All of Athena’s materials are text-to-speech ready and are available on multiple devices. If you need special assistance, please contact us below.

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