James Prabhakar


Dr. James Prabhakar  MCom, MA, BEdn, MBA, PhD

Dr. Prabhakar is a Strategic and Education Management Specialist who has been helping start and /or troubleshoot international business using IT, as well as education and technology for over 2 decades. James has over 30 years experience as a manager, director, entrepreneur, professor  and corporate strategist in a number of nations, including countries in Asia, Middle East, Europe and USA. These skill sets are of very high standard and possess an exceptionally unique blend which has allowed James to be a leader in demonstrating skill sets encompassing both vertical and horizontal fields which  cover IT, business and educational consultancies.

James has thirty years higher and further-education partnership management career experience with many distinguished UK an US international institutions. James has also been consistently successful in introducing strategic marketing & operational plans, and student services to increase enrollment, enhance student experience and strengthen competitive market position. During his career he has been involved in teaching and advising dissertations for both classroom and online for IT and business (MBA -UK) streams. James has also successfully handled up to Master degree level for International Universities. James has also spent a large part of his career as a public speaker, motivational trainer, and mentor.