Jeremy Beery


Jeremy Beery B.S., M.H.A

Jeremy’s career has focused on the managerial aspects of both business and healthcare fields from 1994 to 2015. During the start of his career Jeremy focused on the fundamental aspects of business demonstrating key concepts such as training and mentoring team members, developing sound quality control practices, monitoring and tracking business analytics, and utilizing key components of customer service. Throughout the first half of Jeremy’s career he excelled at building competent teams across multiple facilities and businesses. Jeremy’s teams ranked high in corporate satisfaction and allowed them to receive recognition for multiple industry achievements and customer satisfaction awards. Jeremy spent a total of 12 years working in mid level business management developing successful teams and built effective lasting relationships with vendors, team members and customers.

Jeremy then went on to work in the healthcare field for 10 years working with developmentally and mentally disabled individuals. Jeremy has participated in core interdisciplinary teams helping guide the decision making processes for this clientele and has also helped shape the landscape of care for disabled individuals. The care delivery processes that Jeremy participated in has been noted as fundamentally advanced and specialized the world over and has been identified as ideal and unique to the specific clientele that it serves. Jeremy has participated in healthcare and business management for over 21 years.