We are proud to announce a joint partnership between Athena Education, Saylor Academy, Qualifi, and City Vision University in Kansas City, Missouri, USA. This partnership will provide a dedicated pathway to a Four Year US degree for very little cost to students. The pathway provides a course mapping that will transition students through a easily navigated program plan and will result in either a BS in Business Administration or a BS in Addiction Studies which will be awarded by City Vision University. The program will work as follows:


Year One –

saylor academy


In the first year students will take general education classes that have been selected dependent on the course offering chosen. Saylor Academy, Athena Education, and City Vision University have mapped the necessary courses for you, the student to be most successful. The first year will consist of 10 classes (30 credit hours) that are provided free of charge by Saylor Academy. The only required expense for these class offerings are a $25 proctoring fee for the final exam by Saylor. These are self paced class offerings that cover the necessary general education requirements for the student’s chosen degree. At the end of the year the student will have a fee of $50 charged by Qualifi, which is an international higher education awarding organization to obtain accreditation for the completed classes. This validation by Qualifi will allow the student to enjoy international recognition for the general education classes they have completed.

Total charges for year one = Level 3 Certificate from Qualifi – $350


Year Two –

saylor academy


Year two at Saylor academy will consist of another 10 classes (30 credits) of general education requirements that are pre-mapped for the student’s chosen program pathway. The same fees for proctoring the final exam will be incurred at the end of each class, as well as the $50 validation fee by Qualifi at the end of the school year.

Total charges for year two = Level 4 Certificate from Qualifi – $350


Year Three –


The third year of courses for this degree pathway is offered by Qualifi and will be facilitated by Athena Education. These classes will be carried out in an online environment and facilitated with a more hands on approach. Athena Education instructors will provide weekly online assignments and conduct classes in a more traditional academic manner allowing for a natural progression from the self paced classes offered by Saylor Academy. The classes offered in the third year will consist of 8 classes over 8 months and will be equal to 40 academic credits. Athena Education will grade each weeks assignments and issue grades accordingly consistent with traditional methods of higher education. Athena Educations content is provided by Qualifi and year three will require a student registration fee of $470 (300 pounds British) and tuition fees of $700. Athena offers a discount for students coming off this pathway.

Total charges for year three – $1170
Saylor Student Discount: $370. Total Saylor Student Price: $600

Note: Years 2 and 3 are mapped onto the European Framework and are thus recognized by NARIC, giving you fully international qualifications prior to receiving your degree.

Year Four –

City Vision 2

The fourth year, the top-up year of this program will be taught by City Vision University. City Vision is a DEAC (Distance Education Accrediting Commission) accredited University in Kansas City, Missouri, USA. City Vision’s academic top-up year will consist of 10 classes equaling 30 credits. These core elective classes will be facilitated in a traditional online collegiate atmosphere with instructors and an online classroom. Completion of this 4th year will result in the issuance of the student’s Bachelors of Science in the program of choice from City Vision University.

Total charges for year four – $3500*

*Pell Grant Elligible for US students.


Please let us know if you are interested in pursuing one of these degree pathways. Our advisers are ready to answer any of your questions. Thanks again!